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Week 3 or 4?

It’s a mess - the weeks are blurring.

So I can say with confidence at this moment I’m in the trough.

Yesterday a mentor mentioned that being a sole founder is sometimes like being bi-polar. It’s good, it’s bad. We’re kicking ass, we are probably dead.

We are not sole founders in ScriptRock but distilling and simplifying our message is way harder than I thought it would be and it feels like I’m going a bit bi-polar.

Pitch Practice was awesome today, I had to run out towards the end but it highlighted to me that simplifying the message is the hardest thing to do (especially in 3-5mins)

Here is a run down of the week so far.

Ended Alpha Sessions!

Preparing beta, questionnaires etc, adding more small product tweaks - thanks Alphas!

Met the always awesome Jason Senn from Google - hoping to get some assistance from some google people!

Spent time with CM from stockland, discussing cloud and openstack/eucalyptus.

Played words with friends (I’m totally addicted!) whilst travelling.

Moving house this weekend (my god my wife is amazing at organizing this stuff)

Read the coolest article on PaaS predictions:

Preparing our newsletter for the end of this month.

It was Eva and I’s wedding anniversary yesterday (4 years, much love to my beautiful wife!!)

We ran up an instance of Service-Now, looking forward to pushing our integration services with them.


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