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Spotify Karaoke Shame

Spotify Karaoke Shame

I listen to Spotify a lot…..The available catalogue is comprehensive and I can find nearly any style (within reason) that I may feel like. 

But there is another element of awesomeness about Spotify I perhaps may be alone in loving. 

That is the Karaoke section.

Cliche, kitsch, crass and probably now defunct this boundless resource of poor reproduction has yielded hours of pure laughter for me. 

for example :- 

Charttraxx Karaoke – Porcelain - Karaoke Version In the Style of Moby


Karaoke - Queen – Karaoke - Bohemian Rhapsody

and then this gem.

Lucky Voice Karaoke – Salt N’ Pepa - Push It

When I heard it I literally laughed out loud and started crying.

But what surprised me was that people actually rate these songs. For example on my  "karaoke rock" query the popularity awards go to

Karaoke Library – Hard As A Rock (Full Vocal Version) [In the Style of AC/DC]

followed closely by

Rock Crusade – Sweet Child o’ Mine (Originally Performed By Guns ‘n’ Roses) [Karaoke Version]

Please Spotify keep on adding to this catalogue, its fantastic!

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