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The last week we have been adding some final tweaks and positioning ourselves for getting the most feedback.

To give some context.

A whole new monitoring engine
New relevant metrics
Deeper integration into analytics
Standardized templates
Standard installers for wintel and nix

We also have our first few paying customers on the platform which is proving awesome from a feedback perspective.

We are controlling the signups in an orderly fashion. The amount of signups we have had is something none of us expected. If you have signed up, you will be contacted over the course of the next few weeks to get access. This is to ensure that everyone gets a consistent experience :)

We have also been busily preparing for the trip refining our pitch, and locking away some of the detail that I really needed.

It’s coming together, and looking back on it the pace has been blistering.

We are in such a better position having gone through startmate.

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