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F$&#&g! Tools

F$&#&g! Tools

Alan posted an awesome perspective on last week check it out here; take note of his ability to articulate with eloquence. Thank god he never found his talent for writing, we never would have made it here!

There has been a shitload on this last 4 days thus the delay.

Yesterday saw ScriptRock make its way to a select groups of testers. Our very own “Trusted Tester” group (thx goog).

It’s hard to describe the emotion. It’s best described as a mix of elation, excitement, trepidation and anguish, that lives as a tight ball in the pit of your stomach and is then hurled out for review.

When something personal is released to be judged by the masses, it’s a natural thing.

I’m serious you all have to try it one day, it’s actually a relief to be able to get feedback from people about thoughts you’ve had for ages.

Asp mentioned that I should give a brief breakdown about the tools that we are using and how west have used them together.

firstly my favorite

Gmail - I can’t get enough of this product it rocks on so many fronts. If your stuck living with yahoo or hotmail…or even worse exchange/notes tear the bandaid off and dance with the gmail devil it is simple, effective and it f$&$&g works!

Geckoboard - dashboards that are beautiful, it’s true, after building dashboard for so many companies for so long it’s great to see someone who has distilled what is really needed in a product. The widgets are great and over time this stuff will rule, we have wired everything in it. Try it and fall in love I have.

Cloudflare - waf/dns/threat/analytics/cdn/security.
The best platform out there, very much a massive learning machine. It’s like crack for websites.

Onelogin - I went through a heap a password managers a few years ago, this is what I settled with. Want openid, saml, otp, custom and great ui, take this for a spin. It takes the mystique and complexity of sso, simple and provisioning and makes it cool. I hope they don’t get bought out. Its an amazing product (it has flaws, but I’ve adjusted and I know these guys are about to release something awesome) also there customer service is amazing, I had a request for an app and 8 minutes later they had it published for me. It kicked zappos for response!

ConnectedHQ - contact management for me. I like to know that my contacts are in tune this sorts my problem out and sorts my lists, twitter, mail and social. I’ve heard they have been bought by LinkedIn recently very smart acquisition.

Rapportive - I like to know who I am talking to, if connectedhq and rapportive joined forces it would be over nothing is as elegant as this as an overlay on gmail!

Nimble CRM - I think it is still in beta but this is how a crm should work. Integrated mailboxes, integrated social, push pull. Awesomeness! It makes a crm actually fun.

Dropbox - great simple file sharing, if things change for us the only way up is to

Snapengage - customer interaction and realtime feedback, I convinced ASP who was dubious, but now he has developed a deep love for it.

These are the ones that standout for me, there are a few more. In about a month or so I’ll actually write a more technical review of the whole setup, we are still trying a few other items so I’ll be able to give you more hands on review of the others.

The one I am looking forward to wiring up is Xero. Accounting software is boring, these guys made it interesting. I’ve used Xero 3 times no and tried a lot more but it is easily the best I always come back to it. Yodlee Integration for feeds was the smartest move they ever made. Others are doing it now, Saasu etc but I keep on going back to Xero.

Boom I have a ridiculous amount of stuff to do.

P.S special thanks to Angelo, Kaushak and Chris for persisting with me Friday night hope you dudes had fun at Silicon Beach!

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