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It's on

I was reminiscing today about how much tech has advanced in particular over the last 10 years.

In 2002 I had a Nokia 7110, I thought it was the best thing ever. It did wap (pretty crap in hindsight), SMS, and IR.
but more importantly at the time, I could press a button and have the slider pop out (matrix style) it was a very satisfying feature. It came in green, well a weird green actually. When you held it upto the sun it had what seemed to be flecks of red/black throughout it.

Over time I’ve had lots of phones, but this is the one I still kept. At first it was because I was going to use gnoki for a SMS gateway that I wanted to build, but getting a cable turned out to be expensive.

After that I had an idea about using the IR sensor for a primitive alarm with a dial back (that idea sucked)

In the end I’ve kept it because it reminds me about how fast things change, and how disposable items really are.

It’s a shame about Nokia, they held the market and created some great stuff in the mid 90’s to early 2000’s but succumbed to features and lost focus on the customer (don’t get me wrong some of it was awesome tech) but it was just that, tech with no purpose.

I think that the next 10 years is all about the user, whether it’s a browser, a phone, a car or a tv.

Without Nokia, RIM, Sony, MySpace and the countless others who failed before, it’s become clear to everyone that evolution favors users and their experience using products. Not tech junk trying fix a problem no one has.

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