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Icebreaker Day 2


Today more drilling into our product technically. It’s shaping up very well,  We also had the awesome AJ from Noosbox (thanks for stopping by!) drop in and give us some insights into the program and how it runs from here on in. 

The best insight often comes from those that have been there before and in it’s most pure form that’s what Startmate is about, advice, potentials and channeling an idea into a usable product. It’s going to be a great journey, we all sense it. 

Lot’s more phone calls today, and a couple of dissapointments, but that’s what it is all about. 

I remember reading a few years ago somewhere that the highs are highs and the lows are low, there is no middle ground in this equation. Today felt like this a great deal, but then again we knew what we had singed up for so the lows weren’t that low with each of us picking one another up.

The night was capped off by drinks with some of the mentors, and we recieved great advice from all of them, there are a lot of followups to go through, which is great. The sooner we get more people onto ScriptRock the sooner it can help them overcome one of the biggest problems for companies/enterprises at the moment.

Hanging out with the other teams was also great, we had a great conversation about monetization with clique who were cool, happy inspector awesome, jin/phil will race us!, we also great. looking forward to getting to know the other teams as well over the next few days.

Tomorrow is all about more meetings, more validation and driving through the product makeup and it’s users/market segmentation. I can’t wait!



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