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Here be updates

Another week- last night had dinner with some of first users (around 8) great gathering, awesome conversation and good Japanese!

We’ve spent a fair bit of time this week refining our customer feedback channels and collating the responses and feature requests.

It’s getting better, but in the next couple of weeks we will be unleashing a 20x advantage over what we have cobbled together on the support front, we are all looking forward to this!

Surprise & Awe: the feedback we have been getting is also amazing thank you guys I can wait for you to see what we are releasing over the next few weeks!

Security: looking at more security providers. We have been given a few recommendations, looking forward to getting a few of those up and running.

Pitching: Had our first pitch dry run, we have a lot of practice coming up, looking forward to nailing this.

Users: User discovery has been kicked up a notch, I’m in search of users from all walks of life if you think of a group that could use Scriptrock let me know.

Friends: Wishing Jake good fortune applying to Pollenizer! Awesome idea and great market.

Time: it’s for me to spend time with the family who I have missed all week!


Week 3 or 4?