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Enter Prize

Enter Prize

Small update.

We launched our site. Check it out at

We are putting the final tweaks on the backend so we are ready for a formal launch in the next couple of weeks (we have the date but are waiting on a couple of things)

I’ll run through the week quickly.

Sat/Sun : moved house, trying to sneak in changes here and there without seeming as though I’m working on ScriptRock. Eva notices and let’s it slip.

Monday : lots of activity mostly around the definition of features and releasing some major requests for the alphas!

Tuesday: Whilst we kept focus up on the product and as a result we lost focus on our pitch and bombed. We have reset it and hopefully next week will rock it out.

Wednesday: client meetings and a great discovery about the platform (it’s awesome and you’ll get to see it in a couple of weeks ;)

Thursday: More updates and Adwords tests went live, heaps of lessons to learn from Adwords, but we had Matt pop around and give us some very valuable pointers.

Friday: went to one of the best sessions I’ve been to in ages, a guy called John Mullins who broke down business planning for startups. Totally cool guy and I had the chance to sit with a couple of great people (John, Marcus and Amit) lots of discussion on our products and I learnt a few great things about machine vision.

Finished the week going to dinner with old work mates (you guys rock!) and pretentious waiters.

Saturday: An awesome session with an alpha, we broke it down and it looks like the changes we have made are being well received.

We are now into week 5 or 6? And It feels like we have just started.


Exit Through the Gift Shop

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Week 3 or 4?