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End of week 1 and Biznerd

Again I have to say wow.

The week was amazing, so amazing that we are going back in for more today.

It’s felt as though the week has been a month and it’s been compressed to a couple of days…it can only be described as “weirdness”, a startup time dilation weirdness that I’ve not encountered. It’s exhilarating and yet exciting.

I was talking to someone yesterday, and I realized why.

I was free, I can now wheel and deal. I could probably describe it a little more eloquently but I won’t bother.

I stopped at silicon beach last night. It’s an esoteric cult of the biznerd held at the grace hotel in sydney on a Friday, it’s an amazing group of people that attend!

Nowhere else in the world can you go and be warmly greeted by an equities developer, a professional public speaker with a shiny green suit and a dude in a tuetleneck holding a jar of mayonnaise.

It’s bizzaro land and I love it!

A good group of people openly talking about their ideas, and their dreams.

After hanging out in enterprise for so long it’s great to listen and talk to other people about their ideas and thoughts!

One dude talked about his need to hit Rock bottom and this year write a book about how to make a million dollars in a year. (I’m not about the money but anyway)

I overheard someone having an intense debate on machine learning and functional languages. It was weird the banking
Software dudes didn’t get ocaml or Haskell, it degenerated into a bickering that I usually have with asp and I could see they were loving it.

Another guy had an amazing vision about outdoor sports (something I’m allergic to) and the need for an almost wiki style mapping site dedicated to it. His intent was awesome, his enthusiasm amazing, his website beginning, his market research …low.

A quote came to mind from HST

“when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”

These next few months are going to be awesome!

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Australian Legends

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