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Context Learning

Context Learning

It’s been a while since my last update. 

We are back to product and moving on the customer front (this is where it’s really at for me)

There are a few things I’ve learnt that I’d better note down for later in life.

1. Solve a big problem.

2. If you have lived through the pain of your problem…even better.

3. Know market size. (if you can slice and dice a market, awesome)

4. Know your shit (competitors, your flaws, your goto market, the next 3 things you will do, the 50 you could and 10 you won’t do)

5. If you don’t know something say it, but always work through how you would solve it, never get back to people on this point…do it in real time.

6. Have some form of revenue, early stage is need this now more than ever.

7. Keep an open mind all the time, listen..learn and decide for yourself, don’t wave your hands in the air erratically if you meet Paul Graham.

8. If you do have an opportunity to take on an investor, vet them first. Always ask for feedback after you make a point to gauge understanding/interest - you will constantly learn new things.

9. Read Jason Mendelson/Brad Feld’s venture financing book.

10. Don’t get bullied into a rabbit hole during conversations, stay your ground and learn how to deal with human context switching.

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