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Looking back on 2011, it’s been a crazy crazy year.

To recap

Jan - Left LBG, moved house.
Feb - Started Rumble, began work at ANZ, met awesome people.
March - Got an accountant, setup company structures. Begin SaaS products journey.
April - closed out IKIMODO, I’ll tell you about this one day soon. GK came onboard with Rumble
May - Client 2
June - JS came onboard to Rumble, client 3 on board. Tabby turned 1!
July - client 4
August - closed out major milestone at anz. met more awesome people.
September - clients 5 & 6.
October - Amazingly busy month, 5 prospects came up, didn’t close any. Trough of dissolutionment befalls me, I get promoted at ANZ.
November - I mysteriously became older, BR started to Rumble, asp, lv sat down with me and we submitted to Startmate, milestone for E*trade complete.
December - accepted into startmate, Wolfy turns 3, looking for another house, more clients into Rumble, resign from ANZ, met more awesome people again

These are the headlines, there was a whole heap more detail but I can barely remember much of it as it was a crazy blur.

Looking through my notes
I ran up
19 crm’s, I settled on nimble in the end.
5 email services (zoho, gmail, exchange, live 365, rackspace mail) Gmail still rocks
2 talent management systems (settled on recruiterbox)
4 integration engines (settled on onesaas)
168 servers, (rackspace, ec2, rightscale, linode,
4 virtualization stacks (esx, xen, vbox, openstack)
SSO (ping, onelogin & LP)
Storage (box, Dropbox, jungle disk)
GL (xero/Saasu)

There are many more products that i ran for testing this year, that I can’t be bothered writing down, there was a lot!

Why do this you ask?

What else would I do, watch tv?


It's on